57×70 Thermal Paper Rolls (50)


57mm wide thermal paper rolls with approximately double the paper of standard 57×57 per roll.


Thermal rolls suitable for most modern registers.

Compatible with:

Sharp    ER-A220

Sharp    ER-A490

Sharp    ER-A421

Sharp    XE-A201

Sharp    XE-A202

Sharp    XE-A203

Sharp    XE-A212

Sharp    XE-A213

Sharp    XE-A220

Sharp    XE-A303

Sharp    XE-A307

Sharp    XE-A217

Sharp    XE-A147

Sharp    UP-700

Samsung              ER-650

Samsung              ER-5200

Samsung              ER-550

Javelin                 CS-300

Olympia               CM-230

Additional information

Weight 8.9 kg
Dimensions 365 × 155 × 290 mm