Casio SE-G1s Cash Register


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Casio SE-G1s Cash Register Hardware Features

  • High visibility LCD Screen
  • Quiet Thermal Printer
  • Sanitary Anti-Bacterial Keyboard
  • Multi-Purpose Tray
  • Quick & Easy Set-up


High-visibility LCD

Easy-to-read large LCD display at the height of 25mm with 8 digits.

Operator display

Customer display

The large LCD offers excellent visibility for shop staff and customers. Help you to confirm sales transactions easily.

Quiet thermal printer

CASIO SE-G1 registers are the first in their class to be equipped with a thermal printer.

  • Quiet operation and attractive output
  • Convenient and effortless drop-in paper loading.

Receipt Message can be programmed with 5 lines

Default size on Journal

Compressed size on Journal

Sanitary anti-bacterial keyboard

Antimicrobial keyboard conforms with ISO 22196 standard.

Multipurpose tray

A multipurpose tray helps keep the cash register area neat and tidy.

Designed for quick setup

  • The TAX PGM key makes it easy to set the tax rate.
  • Interactive menu for setting date and time easily.
  • User-friendly design makes it possible to quickly prepare a register for use.

Other Features

Supports up to 999 PLUs

Support for up to 999 price lookups (PLUs). And suitable for shops carrying a wide variety of products.

Receipt Customization

Customize receipts by adding messages, store names, and phone numbers.

Envionmentally Friendly

  • Eco-conscious product design
  • Compact size
  • Recycled material in the cash register body and packaging.
Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 345 × 326 × 167 mm
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