Sharp ER-A420 (Second Hand)


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The ER-A420 is perfect for small cafeterias, fast food restaurants, bars and pubs. Easy to use and understand, the ER-A420 speeds up sales and reduces customer waiting time. Crucial information at the touch of a button helps you plan and run your operation more effectively and profitably. Security-coded to ensure you control access to reports, the ER-A420 is much more than a mere cash register, it is the ideal business partner.

  • Easy Direct Programming
  • High speed thermal printing
  • Compact low-profile cabinet
  • 119 keys flat keyboard
  • PC communications
  • Up to 15 Clerks
  • Up to 99 departments and 1800 PLUs
  • Up to 1000 Previous Balance Accounts
  • Mix & Match
  • Rugged and reliable, perfect as a backup register to keep you going in unforeseen circumstances

Clear Display for Easy Operation
A brightly lit 2-line LCD display makes it easy to operate the machine, even in low-light environments. It can display up to 16 alphanumeric characters, allowing clerks to view the names of purchased items and other information in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Quick and Quiet Thermal Printing
Featuring thermal printing technology, the ER-A420 quietly prints out sales receipts at a speed rate of approx. 13.3 lines per second. Printing of graphic business logos is also possible. Transactions are recorded onto tow separate tape rolls – receipt and journal for easy sales management.

High-Capacity Cash Drawer
The spacious cash drawer in this model has five bill compartments and eight coin compartments. When not in use, the drawer can be locked shut, keeping your money safe.

Quick and Accurate Price Entry
Standard equipped with 500 PLUs and expandable up to 1800, this cash register makes entering pricing information a snap. By simply pressing a preset key for sale specials, set menus and other popular items, you can total your sales with increased accuracy and speed. Departments keys are also available, allowing you to easily track and analyses sales by product type.

Price Level Shift for Special Pricing
The price level shift function lets you record two different prices for each PLU, making it easy to manage items that vary in price depending on the customer or the time of the day – great for lunch specials, senior citizens’ discounts, or items that frequently go on sale.Two operation modes are available: Automatic Return mode for special customer pricing and Lock mode for prices affecting all customers.

Convenient Connectivity
The ER-A420 comes standard with two RS-232 ports for connecting peripherals such as a PC and/or a slip printer. No longer do you have to disconnect one device to use the other.

Other Top Features

  • Auto key function (max. 5)
  • Optional drawer
  • Set PLU, Link PLU functions
  • Spill-resistant keyboard cover
  • Training mode

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 361 × 425 × 365 mm

No Programming, Fully Programmed